The RootSwell Project

Connecting Community Roots to Restore the Community’s Hearts Garden, Enliven Holistic Vitality, and Build a Giving, Empowered, Just, and Sustainable World

As colonization, slavery, modernization, and gentrification, in general, have disconnected people from their own hearts, other people’s hearts, and Mother Earth’s heart, the sense of separation from their own humanity has lead to many of society’s current ills such as violence, drug addiction, depression, poverty, and climate change. The RootSwell Project aims to connect people back to a thriving community hearts garden and cultivate a giving, empowered, just, and sustainable community ecosystem by connecting community roots represented by our and Mother Earth’s core essences such as our hearts, strengths, wisdom, stories, passions, gifts, humanity, compassion, ancestral heritage, beauty, and grace in integrated intentional spaces for healing, connecting, empowering, and thriving.


This initiative is led by sustainability leaders from the less-privileged community, with the allied infrastructures provided by coalitions, and with the engagement of the whole community who both benefit from and offer their own sustainability gifts, in various forms, for this important endeavor of building a sustainable world for all. This new sustainable community ecosystem upholds an empowering view of people from all backgrounds where everybody gives and receives as they organically navigate their strengths in the community.


In this process of working together, we develop sustainability, not just for Earth, but also for ourselves as we create and enjoy a quality of life we deserve, where we are connected to who we naturally and deeply are, individually and collectively. This process could break grounds through the formation of a magnificent RootSwell, literally and metaphorically, where we restore our community’s hearts garden that enlivens our holistic vitality and helps dismantle existing obsolete systems. 

Be Part of the Giving, Empowered, Just, and Sustainable Community Ecosystem.

Be A Co-CultiGiver.


*This project is an outcome of research in systems of systems analysis, with the integration of the gifts of stories, insights, and ideas from various community members (about 75 people) through several interviews and interactions and participation in several community meetings and events in Durham, North Carolina and beyond. We are continuously learning; therefore, this project is continuously evolving. . .

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